One sunny spring day in a café in Rome, Neacol and Stanley Miller threw a brick through the window of their lives. After spending two weeks immersed in food, art and in each other’s company, they returned to Canada and within days made plans to leave their high-paced careers in film and animation/video games in the city and abscond to a tiny island artist’s colony in the Pacific Northwest.

To pursue…something.

They didn’t know what that something was, but they had faith that an important artistic endeavor was just around the corner. And, it was not long before that project found them.

A single glass flameworking class kindled a passion for that material, and when they started to discover adorable animals emerging in their glass sculpture, it became an obsession. The anime and chibi quality of their designs, and their general own nerdiness, inspired them to take their work to comic cons across North America. Their work was widely applauded and they gained many ravenous collectors, both due the uniqueness of glass in a world of plastic and their adorable design work.

For years they created ever more complicated designs, until one day they realized these little glass animals were not merely designs, but characters. And these characters spoke.

Since that revelation, the couple have been not only pursuing greater heights with their glass work, but they have also been penning the stories the characters are dictating and discovering the world of Chibi Island.

And that world is one of food, wonder and community.


"I love Bling Squared's jewelry. They make the cutest little characters that you want to wear all the time because they are so colorful and just so darn adorable! What's really cool is that they are hand made out of glass, and that's really unique and special. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!" - Camilla D'Errico