Chibi Island

Chibi Island is a unique place, an Elysium where minds are changed, castaways are found and old rivalries soothed. Where negative thought patterns were shifted by wonder.  A magical place with remarkably varied micro climates and terrain. Rolling green hills with white picket fences slide into lush rainforests backing onto stunningly beautiful ice caves next to a gurgling volcano. The residents are as varied as the landscape; pigs and owls building community with giraffes, penguins and even a yeti.

Perfect ground for a panda and a fox to enter as partners in a mystical restaurant business, adopt a foundling octopus and together harness the power and wonder of this magical island to change the way others look at life and themselves.

Verity Fox introduced herself as owner and head chef at the enigmatic Forest Noodles Café. One of the first to discover the healing properties of the island. Verity is zealously committed to serving the island’s fundamental purpose. She inspires as many as possible to live their best by surprising them with wonder-inducing taste sensations. She alone can take on this task (so she believes) and she never feels like she has done enough, even though she and Johnny are often worked to exhaustion.

Johnny Panda is Verity’s self-doubting partner. Many years ago, he discovered a mystical time and space portal. It’s really rather a drag. He is the only one able to operate the portal, he is required to travel regularly to the distant past, alternate future timelines and other dimensions to procure the necessary, freshest and most exotic ingredients for Verity and their Café. Though his adventures are wild and varied, Johnny feels a sense of ennui about the whole meta travelling thing. I mean, if he can do it, really, couldn’t anyone?

Fish Octopode’s arrival in a bowl of soup at the Forest Noodles café under mysterious circumstances shakes up Verity and Johnny’s lives.  Constantly in awe of the islanders he meets, Fish is never quite sure why no one can see how amazing they (and the world around them) are. This adorable bundle of optimism is inextricably tied to the origin and fate of Chibi Island, and to the salvation of Verity and Johnny. He not only joins their mission but inspires them to new heights of understanding, wonder and personal fulfilment.

Around the island, Pippin Penguin, a depressed and overly friendly fellow shares the Ice Caverns with Shyla Yeti, an incorrigible romantic. Dolly Sheep, the multi-disciplined scientist shares the Barnyard Knoll with Cecil Pig, the curmudgeonly owner of the General Store (and many others). Geoffrey Giraffe is a mystery (due to his compulsive lying) who shares the rolling fields above the Jeweled Cove with Beau Unicorn, an unsung artistic genus. And Mt. Chibi, the volcano, well, that’s Dragon territory.

The world has many, many characters to offer each with their own tales of wonder, change, diversity, grief and beauty.

Chibi Island has a tendency to attract the lonely, shipwrecked, castaway and broken. Each islander secretly understands that the island has the power to inspire, heal and breathe new life into the hopeless. This can happen through the sheer beauty of the surroundings or an inspiring adventure, but more likely through the insights of the community itself, and none more likely to have a hand in this than Verity, Johnny and Fish.

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