Hatchling Project

Embersmöl are a rare and curious species native only to Chibi Island. Though eggs are laid in clutches, each egg’s personality and features are influenced greatly by the time of day they are plucked from their nest.

Eggs picked in the morning are amber in color and tend to be gregarious and boisterous. Afternoon eggs have an emerald hue and are adventurous and sometimes reckless. Evening eggs are a gorgeous sapphire and are often contemplative and shy. Nighttime eggs are amethyst and can be moody, as well as more magically inclined. As much as they are influenced by the time of day they first leave their nests, Embersmöl are even more influenced by their environment and care as they are incubated. Adopting one is an act of commitment and adventure.

If you are unsure about which color egg to choose, try taking our Embersmöl Compatibility Quiz.

The Hatchling Project is a unique and interactive journey for discerning connoisseurs. Rarely offered, these clutches (limited to seven eggs per clutch) of hand sculpted and jeweled Embersmöl eggs are shipped all over the world to their adoptive homes. Egg Guardians report back to the Hatchling Project on their eggs' preferences and influences via the Instagram hashtag #hatchlingproject (search this hashtag now for examples from our beta testing). This information is collected and used to evolve the Embersmöl into their second life stage, Hatchlings. Each Hatchling is unique and custom designed by the suggestions provided in the reports. Influences can be unpredictable but always result in adorable evolutions. 

Egg Guardians may then choose to further care for their hatchlings, continuing to send reports back to the project as they evolve into their final large, fully grown Embersmöl dragon form.

Egg Guardian's have one month to show their care style of their ward eggs after receiving them. Once a month has passed, reporting from the Hatchling Project Institute begins. After approximately one month of evolution time, Hatchlings will be sent to their Guardians. If the Guardian elects to continue on, they will have an additional month to provide care details before the Embersmöl evolves into it's full form.

Guardianships that include the egg and hatchling stage are $150USD, shipping in North America included, which is payable upfront via Paypal. Full payment is required to secure your egg. At time of purchase, you may also choose to pre-pay for your Adult evolution, for a total of $325USD, including shipping. Otherwise, you may elect to evolve your Embersmöl fully at a later date for an additional $200USD, shipping included.

 What You Get
Egg and Hatchling $120 USD plus $30 USD shipping = $150 USD
+ Adult Evolution $185 USD plus $15 USD shipping = $200 USD
Egg, Hatchling and Adult $280 USD plus $45 USD shipping = $325USD (save $25)

For more information, or to hop on the wait list for the next available clutch (coming before Christmas!) email hatchlingproject@gmail.com