Fancy Baby Smidgen Penguin Hand Sculpted Glass Figure

Fancy Baby Smidgen Penguin Hand Sculpted Glass Figure

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Our Greatest Hits Volume Three collection offers sparkly, transparent versions of our best loved characters from retired collections. Available for one year only, this limited edition comes with special character cards and are highly collectible.

Smidgen Penguin is originally from the 2016 Polar Collection and she has been very missed, especially by Neacol.

Sculpted in grey transparent and pale grey opaque glass, Smidgen features a two part body style and pale opaque grey wing and tail details. She has white masking and tum, and dark get little flipper feel and beak. With our signature blue eyes.

Approximately 1" tall.

This one has had an adorable blue bowtie and white top hat added. Unique and so dang cute.

All our pieces are hand sculpted glass - each detail and color you see is another drop of molten glass (no painting involved!). We anneal our sculptures (essentially bake them in a kiln) for strength.

To see how they are made check this out:

This listing is for this exact figure.